Get a fast and flexible business line of credit

No Hidden Fees

We offer our valuable clients, business owners, and financial institutions a maximum loan amount.

Easy Application

We believe in easy and simple application processing. So, when you need funding, you can get it as soon as the next business day.

Easy Payoff

Line of credit is a budget-friendly tool which puts zero-pressure on borrower.

Better Way To Fund Your Business

Credit Score

Get funding with no obligation. Line of credit is a financial tool that will not affect your credit score.

Line Of Credit Tool

Use the LOC tool to manage your business cash-flow, pay-off daily wages and to fill up inventory.

Flexible Payment

Know everything about making a payment, and schedule it as you like.

Low-Rates of Interest

Access the lowest rate of interest, cover your basic saving, debt and plan better for super budgeting.

Now you can tap into the source of funds as per your business requirement.

  1. 1

    Easy Application Process

    Application approval only needs minutes – get approval in less than 24hrs of application submission.

  2. 2

    70% Approval Rates

    Application approval is based on overall health of your business.

  3. 3

    Tailored Repayments

    Schedule your repayments for daily or week pay-offs. Breakthrough from debt cycle of paying large lump sum money at end of every month.

A line of credit and excellent service by Broadway Group USA. I was informed and explained every details of line of credit. Thank you for fast service.”

– James, Manufacturing Company.

How Line Of Credit works?


Financial products such as Line of credit (LOC) consist of an amount of money that is borrowed as per business requirement. LOC application approval is easy, simple and quick. LOC is an arrangement between lenders and borrowers.


You can leverage a line of credit for funding your business, overcoming cash-flow problem, repayment of the outstanding balance or to make monthly payments. LOC is popular as a financial product. A tailored LOC offers total amount to borrowers and you can continue to borrow money until you’ve reached your credit limit.

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